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A few days before her wedding, my sister came up with the idea of having a bridal shower a different way. As her partner in crime, we collectively planned on surprising the groom, so we carefully selected our options and came up with over 400 different designs for mehndi/henna designs, simple and easy.

The first step for you should be the selection of the right kind of mehndi. Some types of skin are sensitive, others not as much. It is your big day, after all. You don’t want swollen hands on your wedding because of a chemical reaction.

The best way to know which type of mehndi would suit you is to understand what kind of sensitive skin you have. Black mehndi is likely to peel off your skin because of the higher chemical saturation. Natural mehndi is suitable for simpler designs, and organic mehndi might be expensive but highly recommended for all skin types. Did you know that nowadays, mehndi comes in different shades such as white, silver, and golden?

We have compiled a list of different mehndi designs for the brides-to-be and her bridesmaids that you would want to try.

Arabic Mehndi Design

For tattoos, Arabic henna designs seem like a better alternative. Women would decorate themselves with Arabic Mehandi designs. The beautiful intricate patterns are used for glamour. Sometimes, the Arabic mehndi designs for hands consist of henna designs, simple and beautiful. The new Arabic mehndi design category can be a whole new world for the Arabic Mehendi design lovers but beware; an easy Arabic mehndi design might not be the simplest. It might still have intricate patterns. We recommend hiring a specialist who knows all types of the latest Arabic mehndi design. Simple Arabic mehndi designs have been trendy these days. The Mehendi design Arabic and the Arabic henna designs are slightly different, and they should not be confused. The Mehandi designs Arabic classification is a mixture of traditional and modern patterns, whereas the Arabic henna designs consist of only the conventional techniques.

Back Hand Mehndi Design

The simple mehndi designs for backhands are the stuff of dreams. If you search the simple mehndi design backhand online, you would realize that it is one of the most popular among women. The latest Mehandi designs are defined by the backside mehndi design. It comes in all sorts of variety too. The Mehandi design backhand or mehndi for backhand can be extraordinarily elaborative, and it is not specific to any country or place. The backhand mehndi design is relatively popular among women of all ages, too; sometimes, even men use mehndi design backside. Backside mehndi designs have become common among men and boys lately.

Bridal Mehndi / Dulhan Mehndi Design

Here comes the most crucial point of this list. The mehndi designs for wedding latest designs are no longer what you thought. Bridal Mehendi Design (Dulhan ki mehndi) should be practiced. If you don’t want to hire someone for it, you should exercise at least a month ahead of the wedding ceremony. The latest bridal mehndi designs for hands can be practiced on a piece of paper. It is recommended that you also read articles on Mehandi design for brides or search for youtube videos to understand better. A few people have this misconception that all bridal Mehandi designs are the same. It highly depends on the region. If you do enough research, you’d realize how different each bridal mehndi design can become. Take a look at this:

Butterfly Mehndi Design

The best simple mehndi design is the butterfly mehndi design. It can be such simple Mehendi that it would be perfect for little children too. The straightforward technique will make your child love it, although it does not mean that these are just Mehandi designs for kids. It is widely used by other people too. If you are looking for some beautiful mehndi design or only want to keep it very simple, mehndi design and henna mehndi design can be drawn in butterflies’ shape. It is an exciting pattern to draw on. Check out our list of simple, easy mehndi design:

Chain Mehndi Design

It is noticed that the chain mehndi design can easily be labeled as half hand mehndi design because of the way that it is applied; however, it is not always the case. There is a thing with Mehandi design latest techniques that they can be unpredictable. The chain hand Mehandi design is enjoyable to draw. All you need is a steady hand, and you are good to go. This easy mehndi designs for hands has earned its separate category because of its distinctive nature.

Engagement Mehndi Design

We have previously talked about wedding mehndi designs; it is now time to talk about the engagement mehndi design. The wedding mehndi design can be heavy and full, but girls usually like their engagement mehndi design less complicated. Things are typically kept less complicated to make a nice mehndi design.

Fancy Mehndi Design

The new stylish mehndi design that is highly demanded these days is the fancy mehndi design. It is simple yet elegant. This new simple mehndi design has been popular among young girls because of its simplicity. If you want to try the new Mehandi design, then you are at the right blog. We have compiled a short collection of the latest simple mehndi designs.

Finger Mehndi Design

If you are looking for a simple finger mehndi designs or the new finger mehndi designs, it would be perfect. The trend of Mehendi design for fingers started with the phrase, “less is more.” One of the best mehndi designs that we have seen was also the simplest. Look below at the compilation of the finger mehndi design and be the judge.

Floral Mehndi Design

In older times, the rose mehndi design was the most popular. It slowly evolved to other flower mehndi designs, and we expected it. The floral mehndi design is part of the Arabic culture but holds a different place than the beautiful mehndi designs for hands.

Foot Mehndi Designs / Pairo ki Mehndi ke Design

There is no restriction on your imagination when it comes to applying Mehandi design for foot. Most brides in the region of the subcontinent prefer wearing foot mehndi design simple and easy way. Although wearing foot Mehandi designs is mostly common in the subcontinent, it has been widely spread due to the internet. Here are a few of the feet mehndi designs that you might like.

Heart Mehndi Design

The heart mehndi design is also called the love mehndi design. It always has a heart shape in it. Sometimes, the Mehandi simple design can fall under this category. Little kids also like it. It redefines the entire concept of easy Mehandi designs.

Heavy Mehndi Design

It is a separate distinction from the bridal mehndi designs for full hands. Although the trends have been changing and brides nowadays like to wear simpler designs, the heavy mehndi design is still famous. Full mehndi designs are complicated and overly complex to apply. It truly takes years of practice to master the complicated full hand mehndi design. During the last century, it was common for women to go to the experts who would use full hand Mehandi designs to decorate the hands of the brides in India. It looks like the “Mehandi ki design” has come a long way from only conventional techniques.

Leg Mehndi Design

The Mehandi design for legs is a simple mehndi ka design. It is usually worn with short lehengas or skirts. Making the leg mehndi design simple and beautiful; it usually does not use complicated patterns. The leg Mehandi design is very distinctive to all types of mehndi designs.

Mehndi Designs for Eid

If you are looking for easy mehndi designs for kids that are less likely to give you headaches just because your child wouldn’t sit still, then try the Mehandi design for eid. It is children-friendly. The Mehandi design for girls (Mehandi ke design) will make your eid memorable. We have different mehndi designs for kids as well.

Mehndi Designs for Foot and Legs

Mehndi designs for foot and legs is a design that is spread out. It can be simple or complicated, depending on the girl’s choice. We have collected one of the best Mehandi designs for your consideration. Observe the selection of mehndi designs 2020:

Modern Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs latest collection is fantastic. The best Mehandi designs should be stylish. The hand mehndi should be different; otherwise, you cannot hope to impress your friends with the old and conventional techniques.

Pakistani Mehndi Design / Mehndi ka Design

India and Pakistan share similar cultures, and Mehandi designs are one of them. Pakistanis have slightly different customs when it comes to attending the bride. The bride’s best friend chooses an easy Mehandi design. It can range from simple artistic designs to complicated motifs. A total of 6 designs are chosen; two for the back of the hands, two for the front on both hands, and two for each foot. To make the mehndi designs easy and simple, you should practice a few times on paper before the wedding.

Round Mehndi Design

The round mehndi design has several names: gol mehndi design, tikki mehndi design, circle mehndi design, etc. It is also called the normal mehndi design for girls because of its mainstream reputation. The mehndi tiki design is applied to the center of the palm, but these days, it can be used anywhere on the hand.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands

It is the category of the simple mehndi design for beginners. These Mehandi designs are the simplest form of henna. It is said to be the best way of starting, especially if your drawing is not good. Simple mehndi designs for girls can be used as an extension of simple mehndi designs for kids.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids

Kids love henna, but the problem is they don’t sit calmly and let their mother apply basic mehndi design. They would jump around and somehow always need to scratch their backs whenever trying on a small Mehandi design. These problems are universal. That is why mothers perfer to use simple mehndi designs for kids. A set of small mehndi designs can be applied in minutes and has fewer chances of ruining. It is funny how many mothers complain that their children do not let them use even the simple Mehendi designs on hands despite being good at drawing. The kids Mehandi design is effortless and easily applied. All it needs is patience. After all, easy mehndi designs are not necessarily complicated.

Traditional Mehndi Design / Mehndi ke Design

The simple mehndi designs for front hands may fall under the category of traditional mehndi design. Comfortable and beautiful, elegant yet preserving all the essence of a culture, the basic mehndi designs take the lead.

Unique Mehndi Design

The unique and stylish mehndi designs are formal art structures that originated in eastern culture. It is typically used for brides and brides-to-be, including ladies mehndi design. This new Mehendi design comes in plastic packings and is applied as motifs all over the hands and feet. It consists of simple Mehandi techniques, which are loved by everybody.

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