Actress Saboor Aly gets Engaged


Actress Saboor Aly and actor Ali Ansari have been engaged.

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari posted pictures of their engagement wearing flower garlands on their Instagram accounts and told fans the news.

In the photos posted by the actor duo, Saboor Aly is wearing pink, and Ali Ansari is wearing white. In addition, pictures of actress Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s speech go viral on social media.

Ali Ansari shared a memorable photo of his fiancee’ Saboor Aly and wrote a loving caption. Ali Ansari shared a photo of the engagement ceremony on Instagram. It can be seen that Saboor Aly is crying while Ali Ansari is giving her tissue paper.

Through the caption, the actor explained why his fiancee’ had tears in her eyes. Ali Ansari wrote that the price of this picture is more than several thousand words, the tears flowing from Saboor’s eyes are a testimony to how much she misses her mother.

Ali Ansari further said that although we wish that she would be with us and share happiness, we know that she is in a good place, and her prayers are with us.

The actor told his fans to give time to their loved ones, appreciate them. At the end of the post, Ali Ansari wrote, “I found you; here is a new beginning.”

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