Fans angry over Hania Aamir’s new Vlog


Pakistan’s beautiful and popular actress Hania Aamir has once again come under fire from fans after sharing her new Vlog.

Recently, the actress shared a video blog on her YouTube channel. In the video, Hania Aamir can be seen going for a nose piercing while her friend is going for an ear-piercing.

During the nose piercing, the actress cried out in agony while fans saw her male friends laughing and making fun of her. However, the fans did not like Hania Aamir’s new Vlog.

One user criticized the actress’s strong reaction to the pain and wrote that it does not hurt as much; it just feels like a small needle.
A user named Samra wrote that Hania has to do all the work in lockdown.

Zobia called Hania ‘a shop of over-acting’ while another user said that the actress’s nose was pierced the wrong way and wrote a few tips for her to consider. A user named Maryam wrote that it hurts but not so much.

Keep in mind that the actress has been the victim of many such controversies before, especially with her several boyfriends including Asim Azhar, Feroze Khan, and Danyal Zafar.

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